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Miso Broth

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Introducing La Vie's exclusive Miso Broth - a heartwarming concoction that marries tradition with nutrition. Each spoonful of this broth, rooted in ancient culinary wisdom, offers the comforting embrace of warmth and the therapeutic benefits of its carefully curated ingredients.

What Makes It Special:

  1. Premium Ingredients: Crafted with the essence of brine from sauerkrauts, the depth of miso, and the savory richness of Tamari, this broth is a symphony of flavors and health.
  2. Gluten-Free Indulgence: Suitable for those with gluten sensitivities, ensuring that everyone can savor its goodness.

Key Benefits:

  1. Digestive Aid: The infusion of probiotics from sauerkrauts and miso aids in digestion, helping to balance gut flora.
  2. Immune Support: Regular consumption can bolster the immune system, preparing the body against common ailments.
  3. Balanced Flavor: With the inclusion of low sodium Tamari, the broth provides an enticing depth of flavor without the worry of excessive sodium intake.
  4. Energy Booster: The nutrient-rich composition can rejuvenate and refresh, adding a spark to your day.

Ways to Enjoy:

  1. Soothing Beverage: Warm the Miso Broth and sip it slowly, letting the warmth and flavors envelop you.
  2. Soup Base: Transform your regular soups and stews by using this broth, adding depth and health benefits.
  3. Cooking Grains: Infuse your grains with the rich flavors by using the broth as a cooking liquid.
  4. Braising Delight: Use the Miso Broth as a liquid to braise vegetables or proteins, infusing them with a rich, umami flavor.

Ingredients: brine from melange of saurekrauts, miso, sea salt, and low sodium tamari. Gluten-free. Contains soy.