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E3 Live Cocktail

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Dive into a realm of rejuvenation with La Vie's E3 Live Cocktail – a fusion of invigorating flavors and potent nutrients designed to elevate both mind and body. Specially crafted for those who yearn for clarity and cognitive enhancement, this elixir brings the best of nature's offerings to the forefront.

Benefits of the Product:

  1. Brain-Boosting Properties: At the heart of this cocktail is organic blue green algae from Klamath Lake in Oregon, a renowned superfood recognized for its potential in diminishing brain fog, bolstering memory, and sharpening cognitive abilities.
  2. Natural Energy Surge: Swap out your regular caffeine fix and let the E3 Live Cocktail infuse your mornings with a clean, natural boost of energy, setting the tone for a day of heightened focus and alertness.
  3. Nutritional Powerhouse: Apart from its brain-enhancing attributes, this cocktail also serves as a treasure trove of essential nutrients. It's rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals, fortifying your body from within.
  4. Flavorful Symphony: The exquisite blend of organic apple juice with the zest of lime and ginger offers a refreshing palate experience, making this healthful drink also a delightful treat for your taste buds.

Use Cases for E3 Live:

  1. Morning Kickstart: Begin your day with a serving of E3 Live Cocktail, setting a rhythm of clarity and energy.
  2. Afternoon Reviver: Combat afternoon slumps by rejuvenating your senses and refreshing your mind with this potent blend.
  3. Study/Work Companion: Enhance your concentration and cognitive performance during intensive work or study sessions, ensuring you remain at your peak.

Rediscover mental agility, unparalleled clarity, and immerse yourself in the nurturing embrace of nature with La Vie's E3 Live Cocktail. It's more than just a drink; it's a promise of elevated cognition and vitality, ready to be explored with every sip. Join the revolution of mindful drinking and empower your days with renewed vigor.

Ingredients: Organic apple juice, organic blue green algae, fresh ginger juice, fresh lime juice.

Gluten, Soy and Dairy-free.

*Perishable. Please   Refrigerate. Consume before the expiration date on the bottle. Do not freeze.