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Plain Coconut Yogurt (Unsweetened)

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Step into a world of creamy splendor with La Vie's Plain Coconut Yogurt, a pristine embodiment of the authentic coconut experience. Meticulously handcrafted with organic coconut meat and raw coconut water, this yogurt stands as a testament to luxury and indulgence. A defining feature of our Plain Coconut Yogurt is its exclusivity to the Central California community, guaranteeing a freshness and authenticity unmatched elsewhere. Paired with a minimal sugar content of just 6 grams per serving and devoid of Maltodextrin, every spoonful promises pure, guilt-free indulgence.

Benefits of the Product:

  1. Creamy Luxury: Crafted with organic coconut, our yogurt offers an unparalleled creamy texture and an authentic coconut flavor.
  2. Low in Sugar: With just 6 grams of sugar, you can relish its natural taste without any guilt.
  3. Maltodextrin-Free: Enjoy a pure and wholesome treat without the addition of maltodextrin.
  4. Exclusivity: Specially made for the Central California community, ensuring utmost freshness and a taste that feels like home.
  5. Versatile Culinary Partner: From desserts to savory dishes, our yogurt can elevate any culinary creation.

Use Cases for the Product:

  1. Solo Delight: Its natural creaminess and flavor make it perfect to be relished on its own as a healthy snack.
  2. Breakfast Booster: Pair it with granola, fresh fruits, or add a spoonful to your smoothie bowl for a tropical morning treat.
  3. Cooking Companion: Replace traditional dairy in your recipes, be it in baking, soups, or curries, and experience a delightful coconut twist.
  4. Dips & Dressings: Blend it with herbs or fruits to create creamy dips or refreshing dressings that complement a range of dishes.
  5. Dessert Enricher: Use it as a base or topping in various desserts, enhancing their taste and texture.

With La Vie's Plain Coconut Yogurt, every culinary endeavor becomes an exploration of authentic coconut goodness. Let yourself be captivated by its luxurious texture and taste, creating moments of indulgence, bite after bite. Rediscover yogurt with a coconut twist, exclusively with La Vie.

Ingredients: organic coconut meat, raw coconut water, organic coconut powder, lemon juice, 6 strains probiotics, non-gmo citric acid, salt. (No Maltodextrin)

Keto-friendly. Vegan. Dairy-Free. Gluten-Free. Soy-Free.