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Become a La Vie Partner!

La Vie promotes a delicious line of healthy tonics designed to support a healthy yoga practice. Our line includes probiotics that are most popular with yogis, like E3 Live Cocktail, Beet Kvass, and Coconut Kefir. Each drink features an artfully hand drawn yoga pose to match the benefits of each drink—energizing, cleansing, weight loss and balancing. We also offer easy and delicious 1-Day, 3-Day and 7-Day Cleanses.

Give Your Customers What They Need And Want

Yoga practitioners need nourishing, refreshing drinks before and after practice. La Vie tonics are the purest, healthiest drinks on the planet and all are designed specifically with yogis in mind.

Increase Your Revenue

La Vie customers go where our products are sold, and studios who carry our products attract new customers. Our partners generate revenue on both drink sales and new customers while increasing brand awareness within the local community.

We Promote Your Studio For Free

La Vie partners benefit from our marketing efforts. Our drinks are sold at over 20 Farmers Markets locations from Northern California to Southern California. As a La Vie yoga partner your studio is listed on every "Where to Find Us" marketing piece we distribute. Partners also benefit from our online and social media marketing. A link to your website is featured on our website, promoted on our Facebook page and incorporated into our newsletter which currently reaches over 5000 wellness customers.


You'll also enjoy the perks of our fun, free and educational demos. One of our product specialists will come to your location to demo and answer  any questions your students and staff may have.

We love doing demos at your studios! Consider having a La Vie demo the next time you have an occasion to celebrate―whether it's an anniversary party, 60-day challenge or just a party.

Interested in becoming a vendor?

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