Root Awakening!
This product is wonderful. Taste is great considering how good this product is for your health! Love La Vie.
~ Traci A.

Can't Beat the Beets
Beats juicing your own beets. Good for the body. Gets a little time to get used to the taste but a small glass in the morning is great.
~ Gary B.

Great products. I love them all.
~ Jenna P.

Excellent Source of Energy
E3 Live Cocktail - Best tasting juice of all. I drink it every morning.
~ Agustin G.

3-Day Juice Cleanse
This was fantastic !! Big fan and I will do it again.
~ Bryce S.

Great Products
Love how they help for muscle aches & pains.
~ Agustin G.

Anytime is the Perfect Time for an Advanced Cleanse
My yoga studio just started a 30Day Challenge so I treasured myself to a cleanse to coincide with it. It's been a great pairing so far. La Vie juices are great; fresh and unique flavors! The fact that they are full of probiotics sets them apart from other juice cleanses I've tried. Really, I could drink them anytime, all the time, lol.
~Mari D.

Healthy and Delicious Drinks!
These Probiotic drinks were amazing and delicious! I bought the week long detox plan and drank one in the morning for 7 days. I felt amazing all day long! If I could drink one of these everyday, I would!
~ Jeanette P.