About Us

Our mission is to provide the freshest, tastiest, and most delicious wellness drinks, built on the power of probiotics, to support digestive health and overall wellness. We take our mission seriously. Providing our customers with the best and purest ingredients helps them grow and stay healthy. Superfood ingredients provides brain food to help them grow smart and function at optimal levels. Probiotics supports their immune systems to keep them healthy.  Our drinks are designed for all people of all ages, from babes-in-arms on up.

La Vie’s all-natural, probiotic wellness drinks are made with an infusion of fresh juices and superfood ingredients. We offer a range of over 17 healthy drinks, including a variety of freshly made almond milks, and the first ever multi-day Probiotic Juice Cleanse. We make our drinks using mostly locally grown ingredients grown within 200 miles of our kitchen. And we encourage our customers to participate in our recycling and re-use program designed to reduce waste and increase the sustainability of our packaging.

La Vie now serves over 20 Bay Area farmers markets and you can visit us at our Tasting Room.

Why Drink La Vie?

  • Naturally and traditionally made fermented drinks
  • Raw, unpasteurized and truly delicious
  • No sugar added during fermentation
  • Contains 6 strains of probiotics including acidophilus added during fermentation
  • Functional probiotics—approxamitely 50 million cultures per ounce in Kvass and 30 billion cultures per ounce in Kefir.
  • Non-dairy and gluten-free, all plant-based vegetarian fed probiotics
  • Made by real people with your optimum health in mind
Benefits of Cleansing with Drink La Vie:
  • Improved digestive health with billions of probiotic cultures per day
  • Reduces cravings
  • Our probiotics continue to work for you even after you cleanse
  • Easy to follow cleanses. Every drink is numbered 1-6, simply drink one bottle every two hours during your cleanse
  • Loose weight the healthy way
How To Order:
  1. Order in person at our Tasting room
  2. Order by Phone: 831-316-0875
  3. Order online at drinklavie.com
  4. Order in person at our Farmers Markets. See our list of Santa Cruz & Bay Area locations at: drinklavie.com/farmersmarkets

    *Free Delivery & Pickup at our Tasting Room or any of our Santa Cruz & Farmers Markets. 

"As a yoga enthusiast, I created these revitalizing beverages which were born from my personal journey to optimal health."

~ Yeyen Gunawan, Founder & Visionary