60-Day Challenge Nutritional Support: Weekly Wellness Box

60 Day Challenge Weekly Wellness Box

Our 60-Day Challenge Nutritional Support Wellness Box contains six high-quality delicious drinks that contain electrolytes, probiotics, superfoods and mega antioxidants to help nourish the body during your 60-Day Challenge. Drink one bottle a day after yoga.

  • Receive one wellness box, delivered weekly.
  • Delivered free in an insulated box with your name on it. Please return the packaging weekly. We re-use our packaging materials. Drinks are perishable, please refrigerate and be mindful of their expiration dates.


How to sign up:

  1. Subscribe online and select your participating yoga studio as your Delivery Location, from the dropdown menu on the order page.
  2. Or purchase in-person at any of our demos at your studio, or by calling Debra at 831-345-6913.