Why do a Juice Cleanse?

Why Cleanse?

Food and drink cleanses have been a part of human experience for thousands of years.  So many traditions, ethnic groups and religions cleanse as part of an approach to a healthy lifestyle. There is wisdom in the idea of Cleansing. Use that wisdom for your overall health, both physical and emotional. It is time to eliminate excess baggage.

We occasionally need to eliminate toxins that are building up in our tissues and organs. The body is designed to eliminate these poisons, but sometimes the body can use a helping boost.

Doing a digestive system cleanse can enhance your health if - and that’s a big if - you prepare for it. Before your cleanse, daily fill yourself with positive thoughts about the health enhancing effects of your Cleanse.

Before & After Your Cleanse

Before your Cleanse, wean yourself from caffeine such as coffee and tea. And eliminate high-sugar foods and drinks in advance of your cleanse so you decrease chances of sugar withdrawal effects such as headaches. To make your life easier we have a pre-cleanse package in which you drink one bottle a day instead of a meal to train your body to eat less calories and to get used to with the amount of probiotics during the cleanse (approx. 500 billions/day)

During the Cleanse you might experience times of lowered energy, so plan to Cleanse when strenuous activity is not on your horizon.

Another thing to keep in mind is that during your cleanse, drink plenty of pure water to encourage the flow of toxins OUT!

During the winter months, we all tend to eat heavier foods and more fats. This helps to give us the energy to keep ourselves warm. Of course this also results in adding bulk to our bodies. Summer is the time to shed the winter fat. Even animals do it!

I think a minimum time for a cleanse is a 3-Day Cleanse. You can go longer if you are up for it. A 1-Day Cleanse offers limited, but noticeable, effects.

You might feel a bit hungry your first day. Know that this will pass.  Sometime it takes two to three days to pass our habit of chewing foods or ritual.  Depending on your Cleanse level, you daily receive between 1000 and 1600 Calories. Your La Vie Cleanse is NOT a starvation-type cleanse. And it tastes so good!

Your La Vie Cleanse is made from all natural, live food ingredients. It is completely hand made with love in our Capitola kitchen. We use as many organic ingredients as we can, depending on the season.

Many of our customers come back again and again to reap the La Vie Probiotic Juice Cleanse benefits. Most of them lost all kind of cravings (its because they have healthier intestinal flora), lost 3-9 pounds on their 7-Day Cleanse and surprisingly they said they weren't hungry.

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