What's the Difference Between Probiotic Kombucha and Coconut Kefir?

What's the Difference Between Probiotic Kombucha and Coconut Kefir?

Probiotic Coconut Kefir

Let’s talk again about the differences between Kombucha and Drink La Vie's Coconut Kefir. Here are 4 more things to think about.

1. There is no caffeine in Coconut Kefir. Kombucha made from black or green teas contains caffeine. Yeast and bacteria fermentation do nothing to alter the caffeine content of the fermented tea.

2. Kombucha sometimes gives an alcohol high because the yeast in Kombucha fermentation is converting sugar into alcohol. We do not add yeast to our Coconut Kefir so as it ferments it becomes vinegar-like with a negligible alcohol content - any alcohol would be digested by the bacteria, along with the naturally occurring sugars, and turned to lactic acid. 

3. Kombucha makers often inject their product with CO2 which gives carbonation but also may kill the live bacteria. Drink La Vie never uses CO2 and any effervescence is due to the natural bacterial fermentation process.

4. Coconut Kefir does not give you a buzz so it is fine for a variety of sensitive people and can be a part of your everyday health regime.

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