Part 2: Tips to keep our Mental Wellness up during the lockdown and How to make your own Hand Sanitizer using 3 ingredients

Part 2: Tips to keep our Mental Wellness up during the lockdown and How to make your own Hand Sanitizer using 3 ingredients

Hi my dear La Vie customers,

Those of you who have been on our e-mail list may know that I rarely send newsletters these past 10 years :-). Lately, I feel the need to take my role as a health activist and (edible) health care provider and turn it up to 10. So, apologies in advance if we send out more newsletters than normal! I just feel like I need to share what I know to keep y’all strong. If you are too busy to read a long newsletter like this, please scroll down to watch a very informative video that I found enlightening and empowering done by a NYC frontline doctor in a 1200 bed hospital. 

Last week I shared with you foods that help keep our immune system strong, and if you didn't get it, please click on this link. This week I want to discuss how to be mentally well in this challenging period. I believe that we have three CPUs (Central Processing Unit) in our body: Brain, Heart and Gut. In a healthy body all these three CPUs work well together. The first is the gut (healthy gut = No brain fog = Clear decision making = Happiness). Are you with me on this? In my experience, switching my diet into a clean one, eventually got rid of my digestive health problem and suddenly I felt more energy. My consciousness has opened up since my body got healthier, I feel better and now find myself drawn more than ever to focus on improving the environment and helping other people with diet and a healthy lifestyle! Do you see the connection here? 

So, today I’d like to acknowledge the fear, frustration and depression in the air along with lightness, kindness and positivity. If you’re living in the last three, congratulations! 

If not, I have some tips that may help.

Fear is an emotion induced by perceived danger or threat, which causes physiological changes and ultimately behavioral changes, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. The fear response arises from the perception of danger. Fear is closely related to the emotion anxiety, which occurs as the result of threats that are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable.

So, what do I do when I have fear and anxiety? My fear and anxiety is normally business related (I recognize that's an ancestral rooted issue that I am working on). Knowing that fear comes from NOT KNOWING what’s going to happen and is an EMOTIONAL reaction to certain challenges, I usually answer my feeling of fear by educating myself about whatever that I am afraid of or anxious about. I switch my CPU from my heart to my brain to balance things out. I usually end up creating a spreadsheet, doing research online or talking to people who are experts in what I am trying to accomplish. I acknowledge that fear is a negative low vibration energy that I need to turn it around to pull myself up and face it head on. You gotta keep the energy moving instead of being "stuck" or "blocked". If your anxiety is about getting sick, please watch the video in this newsletter, it will educate and therefore empower you to make a good decision. Knowledge = Power. 

Other things I use to keep myself centered, positive and sane are:

  • Turn off the news and listen to comedy in the morning with my morning tea (or La Vie probiotic drink, yes? lol). Check out Jim Gaffigan, Paula Poundstone of “Wait wait don't tell me”, Kathleen Madigan, etc. 
  • One of my mantras is from the Dalai Lama “You are anxious because you think too far ahead, you are depressed because you think too much about the past and you are happy because you are in the present moment.” Wow!!! Talk about checking in with your heart and body as your CPUs!
  • Yoga, some music, some people and some food are medicine so choose it wisely :-). 
  • Turn off or limit news intake. Media sells news and we’re mesmerized by negative news and we’re stimulated and scared, yet addicted to how many people died or have caught the virus, how we struggle with this, etc., but notice you don’t hear much about how many have SURVIVED it. WHY is that? Do you want to surround yourself with negative energy? You attract whatever energy you put out. 
  • Have a routine during the lockdown. Routine creates safety and saves you energy and time thinking about what to do. Ex: My old routine was going to hot yoga class in the morning but now I just replace it with online yoga in the morning. 
  • Go outside and get some sunshine! Check out the attached video in this newsletter! Sunshine is life!
  • Reconnect with old friends through facetime, whatsapp, etc. 
  • More on this: breathing exercise, depression, etc. Please watch this video; minute 18 by Jason Wrobel, a health coach, a celebrity chef and well known influencer in Wellness.
  • Learn the rules to avoid the disease. The mask, the curve, the symptoms, the length of social distancing, pregnancy, the mother and the baby, what if your family member gets it, what if you get it, do you have to go to the hospital right away? Does a mask help? (Link is on the bottom)

How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer using 3 Ingredients

How to make your own hand sanitizer (from my dear soul brother Jason Wrobel video, a celebrity chef, health coach, well renowned influencer in the health industry and also was a chef at Cafe La Vie). On minute 17 he shares the recipe and on minute 18 he gives great insight about the corona. 

Here is the recipe:

  • 2 cups of rubbing alcohol from any pharmacy
  • 1 cup of Aloe Vera Gel 
  • 2-3 drops of Colloidal Silver

Mix it, transfer it to a spray bottle then voila! You just saved some $ and can make lots of it. Give it to your family, loved ones or just give it away if you feel generous. 

Finally, here is the video I promised you.

It’s a 47 minutes time investment that is absolutely liberating and informative at the same time. It’s the best video I can find at this point to share with you and your family. Enjoy and see you at the markets!

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