Normalize Mushroom and Cacao for Breakfast

Normalize Mushroom and Cacao for Breakfast

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By: Kareem Hyver

As dawn breaks and the world begins to stir, there's a magic in the air – the promise of a new day. In the quiet moments of the morning, once consciousness has been achieved, a thought enters your mind. Time for coffee. Its familiar aroma and promise of productivity and happiness sweep you away to the coffee maker. The thoughts of potential jitteriness, the acidic stomach, and anxiousness are suppressed by irrational rationality. Then, another thought… What if today was different? What if there was an alternative, free from these drawbacks offering not just energy but a holistic experience? The choice becomes clear. Enter the realm of cacao and medicinal mushrooms.

These articles aren't just stories, but a guide to enhancing your well-being and connecting with ancient traditions. Allow me to take you on a journey throughout the past, present, and hypothetical future of these powerful ingredients to help provide you with a better understanding of what you consume. Come with me and let me show you what it means to live La Vie.


Cacao - Stamina and Vigor

A Bloody Past

In the rich tapestry of the Aztec world, detailed by Bernardino de Sahagún in "Historia general de las cosas de Nueva España," cacao emerges as a potent beverage. Esteemed not just for its taste, the Aztecs revered it for its invigorating properties. Warriors consumed "xocolatl," a frothy cacao drink, seeking stamina and vigor. When Hernán Cortés, the Spanish conquistador, arrived and bore witness to the intricacies of Aztec culture in the 1500s, he may have disapproved of many of their ways, but even he couldn't overlook the evident allure of cacao's properties. Recognizing its potential, he introduced it to Europe and sparked its spread throughout the rest of the world.

Aztech tapestry with cacao bean in center

A Heart Healthy Present:

While ancient civilizations revered cacao for its energizing properties, modern science is increasingly unveiling its myriad health benefits. Rich in flavonoids, cacao is linked to improved heart health by enhancing blood flow and reducing blood pressure by enhancing nitric oxide production in the body. Additionally, its antioxidant properties play a role in neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body. Moreover, cacao consumption has been associated with mood enhancement, potentially due to its ability to increase levels of certain neurotransmitters. From ancient times to the present, cacao's beneficial properties for health and well-being are enduring and evident.


Cordyceps Militaris - Cell Energy Powerhouse

Cordyceps on rocks in a lake with a mountain range in the background

Echoes from the Mountain’s Past

The high mountain ranges of China, Tibet, Nepal, and India have long whispered secrets of Cordyceps, a unique fungi known for its ability to adapt the human body to harsh, inhospitable environments. Not just a remedy for altitude sickness, traditional Chinese medicine revered Cordyceps, especially the C. sinensis variety, for addressing a plethora of health challenges, from cardiovascular and respiratory issues to sexual dysfunctions. Indigenous communities would seek out this entomopathogenic fungus, particularly when it attacked moth larvae, to brew into a rejuvenating hot beverage. This consumption practice was a blend of cultural reverence and sheer necessity, given the conditions in those high-altitude terrains.


The Present at a Cellular Level

Modern science is progressively recognizing the health-promoting compounds in Cordyceps, especially C. militaris. While C. sinensis has historically dominated ethnomedicine, issues like limited natural resources, high prices, and complex harvesting processes have spotlighted C. militaris as a viable, and sometimes superior, alternative. Notably, in vitro studies have shown that C. militaris potentially packs a more potent punch, with higher concentrations of bioactive substances like cordycepin and polysaccharides than its C. sinensis counterpart. One of the primary ways Cordyceps militaris boosts energy is through its influence on ATP production. ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate, is the primary energy currency of cells, and increased ATP levels mean enhanced energy and stamina. Furthermore, the presence of specific nucleosides in C. militaris, such as cordycepin and adenosine, play a role in cellular metabolism and energy production. These compounds, combined with a plethora of amino acids, also contribute to improved oxygen utilization, further aiding in energy enhancement and reduced fatigue.


The Evolutionary Roadmap of Mushrooms and Cacao

As our global palette matures, the demand for potent ingredients like mushrooms and cacao is skyrocketing. Just as maize was bred from humble teosinte to its modern, corn-cobbed marvel, and tomatoes were transformed from tiny wild berries to the robust fruits we enjoy today, mushrooms are on the cusp of a similar revolution. The booming demand is likely to reshape how they are cultivated, steering towards methods that maximize yield and potency. But, as history and science both caution, isolating and amplifying specific genetics and compounds from these wonders might not be the golden ticket. Studies consistently highlight the benefits of consuming whole plants and fungi. It seems that nature, in her infinite wisdom, crafted these entities as complex, holistic systems where nutrients and compounds are most bioavailable in their natural orchestration. As we stride into the future, the challenge lies in balancing human innovation with the intricate designs of nature.


Starting a Mushroom and Cacao Routine

While navigating the potent world of cacao and mushrooms, it's worth highlighting a blend that seamlessly marries these elements. La Vie’s ‘Morning Magic’ is not just a concoction, but a flavorful, healthy breakfast blend crafted for those who seek a morning boost and potentially some relief from common health challenges. For those grappling with persistent concerns such as hypertension, chronic fatigue, or oxidative stress, exploring natural alternatives like 'Morning Magic' might offer a promising avenue. Preliminary research has associated its rich cacao ingredient, abundant in flavonoids, with potential benefits for these concerns. Although the individual components show promise, it's vital to recognize that 'Morning Magic' itself hasn't been directly tested against these claims. 

Beyond cacao, the blend boasts ingredients like Cordyceps Militaris for energy, Lion's Mane for cognitive health, and the warmth of cardamom for blood glucose regulation. Siberian Eleuthero, dandelion root, Maca, Mesquite, and Cinnamon further complement this blend, offering a holistic mix of nature's best. Certified organic and meticulously crafted, whether added to your smoothie, as a standalone beverage, or even a coffee booster, 'Morning Magic' promises to weave a touch of enchantment into your mornings. As always, consulting a healthcare professional before integrating new products into your routine is advised.

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