La Vie Super Pops are a super healthy treat for kids and parents!

La Vie Super Pops are a super healthy treat for kids and parents!

The La Vie kitchen is always buzzing with new ideas, new products, and new recipes. Some of these new ideas make the cut and others we continue to refine, but the goal remains the same--to make a product that is both tasty and healthy that our customers will love.

Sometimes our ideas are born from customer suggestions and other times they are inspired by our personal journey to health. Many of us at La Vie are parents, and a big challenge we deal with on a daily basis is, how to incorporate truly healthy and beneficial foods and drinks into our children's diets?

Over the course of the year our chefs have been busy creating a few new recipes and we figured summer would be the perfect time to give our creamy Super Pops popsicles a try. But we wondered, how would kids react to a dairy-free, healthy popsicle made with:


  • Probiotics: supports healthy digestion and boosts the immune system
  • Raw coconut: a healthy fat that also supports brain function
  • Sprouted almonds: high in calcium, fiber, protein, and iron
  • Nut butter (almond/hazelnut): also a healthy fat
  • Raw honey: supports the immune system and brain function
  • Organic seasonal fruits: delicious and nutritious
  • Sweetened without refined sugars


We decided it was time to find out. So we built a cute little homemade popsicle stand and headed off to our local Santa Cruz Famers Market to see what would happen, and the results took us by surprise. We sold out our very first day! Overwhelmingly, the kids loved them.

This was great news, our Super Pops we're a hit! We're busy making a few more popsicle stands and you'll soon see us at your local farmers market too. We hope you come over and try our new flavors, we think you'll really like them!

Dairy, gluten, and soy-free. No refined sugars or preservatives. Contain nuts.

La Vie Super Pops

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