Embracing the Moment: Acquire tools to Enhance Daily Life Experience

Embracing the Moment: Acquire tools to Enhance Daily Life Experience


The Healing Power of Chi Gong

Together for the Better

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With Dror Sinai

La Vie Wellness is proud to introduce a series of wellness retreats, each crafted to harmonize the mind, body, and soul through the art of presence and acceptance. The heart of these retreats is the practice of being truly in the moment, embracing the chi—the vital life energy that flows within and around us, and providing a toolkit for working with these different energies.

Our esteemed guide, Dror Sinai, brings to us not just his expertise but a personal testament to the transformative power of Chi Gong. Seven years ago, amidst physical and mental anguish, Dror found solace and immediate healing in a retreat led by a mentor he admired. This profound experience, which brought about healing without a single touch, propelled him to explore and eventually teach the healing arts of Chi Gong.

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Dror's approach to Chi Gong is not merely an exercise; it is an exploration of the energy within, harmonizing it with the world around us. He invites you to experience Chi Gong and witness a transformation that leaves you relaxed yet energized, with a newfound clarity to better absorb and respond to life.

The Flow of Our Event 

Morning Resonance: Chi Gong & Guided Meditation (9:00-10:15 am)

The day begins with the ancient practice of Chi Gong, led by Dror Sinai, to align your life force and prepare your body for the day's journey. Accompanied by a guided meditation, this session is designed to open your heart and clear your mind, setting the stage for self-discovery and healing.

Self Healing & Q&A: Vibrations of Intent (10:30-11:30 am)

The retreat continues with a session dedicated to tuning into the vibrations of intent. Dror shares his insights on self-healing, offering his personal narrative as a beacon of possibility. Participants are encouraged to engage, ask questions, and seek the tools they need for their healing journey. Dror uses variety of healing methods including Chi Gong, Reiki, RET, Parts, Meditation, Sujok… You are invited to come, share your challenge and receive in the moment healing, for you to feel better and for everyone to learn..

Nourishment for Body & Soul: The Healing Lunch (12:00-1:00 pm)

Dror will extend his healing touch to the kitchen, preparing a vegetarian dish that embodies the retreat's theme of healing. This communal meal is not just about sustenance but about aligning with the day's restorative essence.

Rhythmic Discovery: Intro to Frame Drum (1:00-2:30 pm)

The frame drum, an ancient instrument whose diameter exceeds its depth, serves as a portal to meditation, music, and sound healing. Participants will explore Middle Eastern and North African styles, learning to hold the drum, produce varied sounds, and play traditional rhythms. This hands-on experience is designed to empower attendees to express their unique rhythms.


Crescendo of Healing: The Healing Concert (3:00-4:00pm)

In a harmonious finale, Dror Sinai will conduct a healing concert, guiding participants through intentions, chants, and songs from diverse cultures. This immersive experience invites active participation through listening, clapping, chanting, and playing, with the aim of elevating life experiences and imparting a sense of presence, balance, and awareness.

This retreat is not merely an event; it's an opportunity to step into the now, to experience the power of the moment in its full glory, and to carry forth tools that enhance one's daily existence.

Join us on this harmonious journey at the beautiful Paradise Garden in Aptos Hills


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As we venture into these retreats and beyond, La Vie Wellness reaffirms its dedication to your holistic well-being. We are excited for you to join us and Dror Sinai at the tranquil Paradise Gardens in Aptos Hills in these transformative experiences that promise to enrich your life and elevate your wellness journey.

With anticipation for the shared path ahead,

Yeyen Gunawan

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