A smart defense is the best offense

A smart defense is the best offense

These days you can’t avoid the Corona Virus news and though I am not a news junkie I can’t avoid the fact that we have an outbreak on our hands and I believe that while there is little we can do to stop the virus spread, one thing we can control is in keeping our immune system strong for us, our family and loved ones. That’s our part to stop the virus. Put up a good wall against it!


So, here are the things I recommend to do:

  • Get good night sleep 

  • Relax: remember stress is a number one immunity suppressor. (Watch and listening to comedy shows really help!)

  • Breathing exercises (take 4 counts in, 6 counts out, repeat for 3 minutes)

  • Do your Yoga or stretching for the sake of feeling good

  • Get enough Vitamin D/sunlight into your body (but don't get burned)

  • Skip refined sugar, really! Sugar is also high in weakening immunity not to mention it feeds our cancel cells. If you really really have to eat sugar, use smart ones, like dates (the most alkalizing fruit on the planet)

Here are the La Vie products  I recommend and why.

     If you like it warm, we have cultured broth with Miso

  • Magic Mineral Broth with chickpea miso (contains ginger) 

  • Miso Broth (made with brine of fermented Lotus and Burdock root and homemade Miso) also contains Shitake Mushrooms (Rich in Vit. D)

If you feel like staying home, we’ll deliver to your home. Please put your cooler outside with some ice. Delivery is every Saturday and Sunday. We Ship too!  Every Tuesday. 

There you go! Stay well everyone, we are here for you.
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