6 Reasons to Cleanse with Drink La Vie during the Holidays

6 Reasons to Cleanse with Drink La Vie during the Holidays

  1. Cleanse your system of rich food & drink
    After you overindulge this season, do one of our probiotic cleanses to regain balance in your digestive system. Antioxidants help your body eliminate toxins, and the probiotic culture reestablishes digestive health. If you eat and drink too much, recover with a Drink La Vie cleanse!

  2. Probiotics boost your immune system
    Winter holiday season coincides with cold and flu season. Boost your immune system with increased probiotic intake. A Drink LaVie cleanse includes at least 2 food-based probiotic drinks per day! Regaining probiotic balance in your digestive system also serves to eliminate unhealthy food cravings.Order your cleanse now.

  3. Antioxidants found in our drinks help eliminate toxins
    Beets, apples, pomegranates, lemon and lime are all antioxidant foods that help you eliminate toxins and are included in Drink La Vie cleanses. Before you overindulge, order you Drink La Vie cleanse today!

  4. Give your digestive system a break from solid foods
    Holidays are often a time of getting too full and stressing your digestive system. Give your system a break from solid foods and do a Drink La Vie cleanse
  5. Cleanses are 20% off Dec 1 - Dec 31st
    You can buy now and schedule your cleanse when you want. Think about it. What better time is there than right now. Support each other as friends and family and cleanse together. Order now and start benefiting from more energy and fewer unhealthy food cravings. You’ll be glad you did.

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