5 Healing Foods to combat Wildfire Smoke and the Dos & Don'ts

5 Healing Foods to combat Wildfire Smoke and the Dos & Don'ts

The worst toxins are those we inhale. They go straight into our lungs, are pumped through our circulatory system, which carries them throughout the body. Our liver and kidneys (as filtration systems) are working hard to sort out the toxins before they attack other organs.

I believe strongly that we need to support our liver, kidneys and lungs so they can do their jobs efficiently. I did some online research and have compiled it for you below. Some of the foods are already in your pantry and in season and available at the farmers markets. At the end I also have product recommendations from La Vie to make your life easier.

Here are the healing foods for your lung health:

WATER: Pure, clean water is essential to keeping blood flowing to and from the lungs. It also keeps our lungs hydrated and the mucus flowing. Mucus is important and needs to be the right consistency for the cilia to move it; along with moving toxins, microbes, and pollutants out.

AVOID DAIRY: Dairy builds up mucus to the wrong consistency.

GARLIC & ONIONS: They reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and fight infection.

 Have been shown to cut the progression of lung cancer in half. They are rich in chlorophyll  that cleans and builds blood. They are full of very effective antioxidants.

CITRUS: An antioxidant, rich in Vitamin C.  

GRAPEFRUIT & ORANGES: are also recommended. Grapefruits (not in season anymore but you still can get them from grocery stores) contain Naringin, a flavonoid that inhibits the activation of a cancer causing enzyme. White grapefruit contains a high amount of this flavonoid, though pink grapefruit has some too along with the antioxidant lycopene. Grapefruit is especially good at cleansing the lungs after quitting smoking. Oranges (in season) contain vitamins C and B6 that help the lungs transfer oxygen.

BEANS, SEEDS & NUTS: These all contain rich amounts of magnesium, a mineral that contributes to healthy lung function. They also provide essential fatty acids that are good for the cardiovascular system.

CARROTS: These roots are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and lycopene--all antioxidants that affect lung health and lower the chances of developing lung disease.

La Vie Wellness products to help combat air high:

Here are the La Vie Wellness products that I recommend to help combat air pollution. Keep in mind that all of La Vie products are full of enzymes and rich in antioxidants, however the products below focus on the current poor air quality  situation we are experiencing:

  • Green Smoothie (almond milk, kale and banana)
  • Beet Kvass (fermented beets, mineral salt and 6 live and active probiotics)
  • Blood (Beet Kvass plus antioxidant rich pomegranate, apple and lime)
  • Root Awakening (Beet Kvass plus ginger (an antiviral), apple and lime)
  • Magenta Mojito (Beet Kvass plus mint and lemongrass)
  • Refreshing Green (filtered water, chlorophyll, mint and stevia)
  • Elderberry Shots (elderberry soaked in apple cider vinegar for one month, honey and lemon)
  • Turmeric Shots (turmeric, ginger, black peppers and lime)
  • Allergy Shots (high dose of Vitamin C, bee pollen, honey, etc.)


Dos and Don'ts while air pollution is poor:

The Don'ts

  • Don't exercise outdoors

  • Don't add any more pollution into the air such as fire burning activities (fireplace, barbecue, etc.)

The Dos:

  • Exercise indoors
  • Eat fresh, raw foods is the best way to get the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that keep you breathing easily.
  • Check reputable websites that publish air quality info such as Airnow.gov

Here's the bottom line:

The key is antioxidants, which protect against the free radicals produced as a result of toxic air particles entering our bodies. Free radicals are unstable molecules that cause inflammation, causing issues ranging from disease to premature aging. Help yourself and everyone else to breathe easier. Eating well goes hand in hand with exercise in keeping your lungs clear and healthy, and not overburdened.

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