Group Cleanse

Save money and have more fun by doing your cleanse with friends and family!

Whether you do a cleanse for 1-day, 3-days, a week or longer, surrounding yourself with like-minded people who can support and encourage each other is an easy way to ensure a successful cleanse.  It's also a great excuse to workout or go on hikes as a group, or maybe watch one of the many health documentaries on Netflix together?  If you're competitive, maybe you'll challenge each other with weekly weigh-ins... or do a group blog or make a group YouTube video about your experience?

Whatever you do, the staff at La Vie is here to help you via phone, email, or chat.

And if you do your cleanse with at least 4 other people, all 5 of you will get 20% off the entire cleanse!

To get started, just decide as a group which cleanse you want to do, and for how many days.  

Then send an email to with your selected cleanse, and a list of the names and email addresses of everyone doing the cleanse.  We'll email you instructions to get your cleanse at the special group rate.